Tea With Monique - Episode 9

Tea With Monique – Episode 9

1. Why did you decide to do Real Housewives of Potomac?

2. Are the beefs on the show real?

3. Do you think having Charrisse at the lunch helped or took away from patching things up with Gizelle?

4. Why would you spend $20,000 on a one-year-old’s birthday party?

5. How do you remain so humble when people “try” you?

6. How do you relax and spend your “me” time?

7. What do you do with your children’s clothes when they outgrow them?

8. Would advice do you have for working moms who want to maintain a budget?

Tea With Monique - Episode 8

Tea With Monique – Episode 8

1. What exactly are you the boss of?

2. In business, what is a good strategy to bring in more clientele?

3. What do you and Chris honestly think of Ashley’s restaurant?

4. What did you think about the argument between Ashley and Michael?

5. How do you balance work and family?

6. What did you think of the producers exposing Juan’s comments?

7. What is Gizelle’s issue with you?

8. Will your mother-in-law return this season?

9. How did you feel when your paster told you to apologize?

10. After Game Night, would you any of the women back into your home?

11. Has the show affected any of your relationships with family friends?

Tea With Monique - Episode 6

Tea With Monique – Episode 6

1. Who would be your bestie on RHOA and who would be your enemy?

2. Can you give some advice on how to keep yourself together as a working mom and wife?

3. Are your eyebrows microbladed?

4. What part of New Jersey are you from?

5. Do you like Alabama or Maryland better?

6. What is your favorite wine?

7. What is your advice to deal with haters?

8. What is something you do like about Gizelle?

9. How do you keep your man happy? Have you ever dealt with infidelity in your marriage?

10. Did you ever struggle as a younger woman to find yourself and accept yourself?

Tea With Monique – Episode 5

1. How do you balance work, being a mom, a wife, and also having fun?

2. Who is your favorite RHOP housewife besides Charrisse?

3. Gizelle came or you, who do you think is coming next?

4. How do you maintain your cool around people who purposely push your buttons?

5. How do you expect the show to help your platform or brand?

6. Do you think shows like RHOA and RHOP negatively affect the way black women appear to others unfamiliar with our culture?

7. How does that make you feel when you hear people say you live off of your husband?

8. Are you worried the show will negatively affect your marriage? Would you ever hold a forum to discuss your marriage journey?

9. Is is the DMV area or do women typically pre-judge you?

10. How did you potty train your kids so early?

11. Why did you kick Gizzealous out after she apologized?

Tea With Monique – Episode 4

1. When you joined the crew did you worry about if you had to be “bad and boujee” or just be yourself?

2. Did you purchase the home in Potomac?

3. Do you watch other housewives from other cities? Can you pick the best from each show?

4. How do you deal with jealous women like Gizelle?

5. Are your and Gizelle’s differences made for ratings?

6. How did you deal with being an NFL wife and all the groupies that came along with it?

7. What are your top beauty secrets?

8. Are you going to write a book or do you have a product line of anything?

9. How do you deal with reality TV?

Tea With Monique – Episode 3

1. How did you and your husband meet?

2. Can you tell us what you do?

3. How does Gigi know Charrisse’s husband Eddie?

4. What happened to your girl group?

5. When are you going to smack Gizelle?

6. Do you feel Gizelle will get over her urge to antagonize you?

7. Tell us more about why your husband comes before your kids.

8. Under what circumstances does your husband come before your child?

9. How is your relationship with your mother-in-law? Is she nice to you for the most part?

10. How did your husband respond after hearing his mother’s comments?

11. Do you think they will be bringing your mother-in-law back?

12. How are you going to handle so much jealousy from the Potomac ladies and your mother-in-law?