RHOP: The Reunion, Part 1
(S2 EP13)

I’ve never met a person that thinks it’s okay and classy to come to someone’s home just to talk trash about it

What did you think of Karen’s explanation of her move?

Monique Samuels: Karen’s explanation overall still doesn’t make sense to me, but as I stated before, if she’s happy that’s all that matters. She said she moved to be closer to her parents who live in Richmond but that’s still a 90 minute drive from Great Falls, VA. Then she said they prefer Maryland over Virginia. I know based on my estate attorney that it’s cheaper to retire in Virginia than Maryland, so maybe that has something to do with it.

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What did you think about Gizelle’s explanation of your “lack of class” and saying everyone talks about people in their homes? Was she dodging how shady she was being?

MS: I think her explanation only showed her own lack of class. She was definitely back pedaling and tried her best to right her wrongs. The best thing she could have done was apologize and just admit she was being shady and own it! I’ve never met a person (until now) that thinks it’s okay and classy to come to someone’s home just to talk trash about it. She should have came up with a better excuse for her behavior.

[I] would never put anyone down based on their finances, living arrangements, or relationships

Tell us about your clash with Robyn and Gizelle at the Reunion? Do you think they mean girl together?

MS: I definitely feel like Gizelle and Robyn bounce off of each other’s energy and their mean girl approach is very crafty. Gizelle is more outwardly mean, while Robyn is a lot more hidden with her approach. Robyn has a lot of side comments and relays what she feels to Gizelle. Gizelle then takes the bait and voices what is told to her by Robyn, as if she’s the one who experienced it. Maybe Robyn doesn’t realize she’s doing the same as Gizelle since she’s not as confrontational. Even though I made this observation about Robyn, my intention was not to clash with her. I just wanted her to know I didn’t think it was cool that she blamed a lot of things on Gizelle, which only caused more unnecessary tension.

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Were you surprised how angry Robyn got with you about your blog? What did you mean?

MS:  Yes! I was totally surprised since the blog was not about her. I couldn’t understand why she felt it was an attack on her but I still apologized to her for putting her name in the middle. I basically called out Gizelle for only having confidence in herself when Robyn was with her. That’s what I meant when I said she uses Robyn as her “purse” and having a girl crush on her. I analyzed Gizelle’s constant attacks on me and her trying to separate my marriage as an attempt to put me beneath her. She comes across as a person who likes to be the “big fish” in the pond and only wants to befriend people SHE feels (in her own mind) are beneath her. I’ve always looked at Robyn as my equal and would never put anyone down based on their finances, living arrangements, or relationships. That’s a conversation Robyn and Gizelle need to have especially since Gizelle never denied my accusation during the reunion.

This was the perfect time for Ms. “As Real As They Come” to be completely honest

Did you realize Robyn had made those comments caught at the end of the episode about cameras and Ashley? What are you thinking watching it now?

MS:  I didn’t know about Robyn’s comments towards Ashley during our break. I was very surprised that Robyn didn’t say it directly to Ashley since she was literally sitting across the room. I could always see there was still some unresolved tension between the two of them. This was the perfect time for Ms. “As Real As They Come” to be completely honest with Ashley about how she felt about the rumors Ashley spread about Juan. She could have finally put the entire situation to rest had she said those things directly to Ashley rather than Charrisse. I was also surprised because it seemed as though Robyn was trying to rile Charrisse up as well. Charrisse seemed pretty unbothered by Ashley and had she fed into the hype, she too would be taking 10 steps back from the progress made. Robyn always says she’s caught in the middle of the rotating friendships, but this makes me wonder if she’s really the one fueling the fights (insert confused emoji LOL)!

RHOP: Home Is Where The Truth Is
(S2 EP12)

We’ll be having champagne gatherings in her champagne room weekly as long as I can bring my red wine!

How’s your new house? When’s the big move in? Mirrors on the ceiling yet?

Monique Samuels: I totally love our new home and all of the changes we made to it! It was a process to change the interior theme from traditional to a more contemporary feel, but the goal was accomplished! We began our move 2 weeks ago and should be fully moved in about a week. With all of the traveling, busy schedules and redecorating, it’s taken us almost a year to finally get settled. This isn’t out of the ordinary for us, as it took a little more than 2 years before we moved in to the home in Vienna, VA. We did not put mirrors on the ceiling, but we did get our shark tank! I’m so excited and cannot wait for the big reveal.

RHOP S02E12-01RHOP S02E12-02

How has having these ladies in Potomac impacted your move to the town? Are you officially the Duchess?

MS: Any time you move to a new area, it’s like starting over. It’s nice to know I have a few ladies I can call on for recommendations for doctors, schools, restaurants and much more. So much stress is taken off of the move thanks to having Charrisse only 6 miles away! We’ll be having champagne gatherings in her champagne room weekly as long as I can bring my red wine!!! I don’t like to be associated with any title. I’m just being me and I’ll get in where I fit in. The only title I need besides “housewife” is “Potomac resident.”

My intention was never to offend, but yet I have offended

What made you take the Indian theme to mean Native American Indian? Do you regret it now?

MS: When we were discussing the party, Karen mentioned “around the world” theme and said to come however you feel comfortable. I’ve always appreciated the culture of not only African Americans, but also Native Americans. I feel throughout history we’ve always shared the same type of story and a similar struggle! Not to mention my great, great, great, great maternal grandmother was Native American. Since we were celebrating cultures around the world, I chose to come with what I could relate to most, as the American version of her “Indian and African” theme. Hindsight, I have no regrets because the experience taught me a powerful lesson. The same way my African American culture is mimicked and unappreciated, the same holds true for Native Americans today. I became desensitized and didn’t realize I was feeding into the very stereotypes and cultural misuse that has haunted not only Native Americans, but African Americans and Asians alike. I became so comfortable over the years while watching my own culture be misappropriated that I didn’t consider the consequences of wearing a sacred headdress that is suppose to be earned. I could have worn a sari and after watching the episode, I would still feel the same way. Although my outfit stood out the most, the entire theme overall reminds us that we need to be more mindful of how we show our appreciation and respect towards other cultures. My intention was never to offend, but yet I have offended. With that being said, no matter what my heart’s intentions were, I apologize to everyone I left with a sour taste in their mouth after watching the finale. I sincerely apologize and I’m determined now more than ever to indulge myself into other cultures and learn before taking actions such as this.

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What did you think of the party – do you think Karen was hiding something? What did you think of that kiss and Karen’s breakdown?

MS: I thought the party overall was nice. I really enjoyed myself and did not want to leave at the end of the night. I definitely think there is more to the story than what Karen is giving us, but as long as she is happy, I’m happy for her. Karen and Ray gave us the performance of a lifetime with that rough kiss! It was like they were trying to prove who loved the other the most with all that aggressiveness. LOL! I can’t say I would want to witness that again! LOL! I love Karen and Ray, and 20 years of marriage must be respected and admired. I think we all were teary eyed when Karen broke down. We all know how much she loves her mother. That was a very special moment.

We often find our purpose through discovering our passion

What’s next for Monique?

MS: Next, I will be moving into one house while trying to sell the other! That’s first priority right now. Now that I finally have the help I need when it comes to running 5 houses and businesses, I can finally focus on my true passion. I’m working on my natural remedies website called, “Not For Lazy Moms,” which was created to give advice and tips on natural remedies. I provide all kinds of tips for moms (and dads) for early potty training, making time for mommy, balancing being a mom, wife and woman, and most important, natural alternatives for relieving allergies, sleeping issues, colds/viruses, weight loss, and everything pertaining to healthy living. I also launched my charitable organization, the “I’m B.O.S.S. Foundation” (Beating Odds, Setting Standards). I created this mentorship and leadership program to encourage young people that they can achieve anything they perceive if they pair that determination with hard work. We often find our purpose through discovering our passion. I’m so excited to tour schools and speak to the young people! I’ll also be teaming up with other charitable organizations, such as, Adoptions Together and The Washington Redskins Charitable Organization.

RHOP: The Grand Dame Sham
(S2 EP11)

I chose not to conform so therefore, deals were left on the table

Tell us your thoughts when you were talking to Karen Huger in her room. Why did you decide to be her earpiece?

Monique Samuels: I decided to talk to Karen because she made it her business to put the Gizelle saga to bed, once and for all. For a good two minutes, there was peace amongst the group. Now that Karen and Charrisse are at odds, I thought I could possibly help her out this time and give an unbiased opinion. Unfortunately, I could not get more than five words in, so at least I gave her an ear for listening. I understood that her heart was in the right place when she could only choose two women for the Team Japan ride, however, I also saw how it could frustrate the other ladies as well.

RHOP S02E11-01RHOP S02E11-02

Can you tell us more about your former rap deal and choosing not to pursue your career?

MS: There were several opportunities for me to sign label and production deals when I was pursuing a career in music. Unfortunately, I was always asked to either change my persona or several “strings” were attached along with the opportunity. My stage name was Hazel and my music was fun, club and dance music with a more positive message. I was asked to change my persona to be raunchy, over-the-top sexy or very “Street.” I was not about to parade around, barely clothed, singing about men and sex. I don’t have a street background so I wasn’t comfortable with giving a more “gangsta” message. I’m blessed to have had the experiences I was able to share with music. I’ve been blessed enough to meet some of my icons and to collaborate with some of the most talented people (some of which have deals and fame today). I chose not to conform so therefore, deals were left on the table. I have several songs that still get airplay overseas to this day so that’s pretty amazing! Every quarter I receive a statement of how many plays each of my registered songs receive, along with a check! Residual income is the best type of income and my music allowed that! As I began my career in real estate and business management, I had less and less time to devote to music. As I got older, I decided to let it go and now it seems to be calling my name again. You never know what the future holds.

The studio experience is totally different than just spitting a few bars for fun in front of people

Which ‘Wife would you want to rap on an album with you?

MS: Of the wives in Potomac, I would choose Charrisse and Ashley.  Charrisse already has a background in music, and Ashley is just hilarious with her lines!  I would love to get these girls in the studio!  The studio experience is totally different than just spitting a few bars for fun in front of people. It takes a lot of work, physical time and patience to create and record an entire song.  For me, it was always my escape from current situations and allowed me the space to dream. I think these women would find it as a stress reliever!

How is your new house construction going? Have you moved in?

MS: The remodeling for our new home is pretty much done! We just had the entire house cleaned, so it’s dust free! We just began moving in furniture last week. I’m planning to be fully moved in the next two weeks. With two young kids, I thought it was important for me to have everything fully completed so the kids wouldn’t harm themselves. I also want them to be comfortable in their new home. This will more than likely be the home they actually remember when they get older.

RHOP S02E11-03RHOP S02E11-04

Dealing with buying and selling homes yourself, what does it make you think about Karen’s secrecy with her own move? Who is the Grand Dame of Potomac?

MS: Karen’s secrecy when it comes to her move is still a mystery to me. She either doesn’t want to tell us everything or she’s hiding something. There’s usually never so much suspense around buying and selling a home. You move because you’ve either outgrown a house, want to downsize, or simply want something different. When Chris and I were moving every year, we kept our main home in Vienna and rented a home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama since it was temporary and for work. I’m not understanding why Karen would want to rent a home much larger than the one she wants to downsize from (especially if the whole point of the move was to DOWNsize), all while she is deciding where she really wants to be. To each its own! I would only rent if, financially, it made sense. I don’t believe in throwing money away, especially if I can afford to make a purchase. She and the Dr. Black Bill Gates must have a lot more money than anyone initially thought to be throwing away thousands every month! Cheers to them! As long as they’re happy, that’s all that matters!

You move because you’ve either outgrown a house, want to downsize, or simply want something different

RHOP: Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle
(S2 EP10)

She, nor anyone else, can separate my marriage

Monique talks all things Gizelle: bank accounts, husbands, intelligence, and sailing.

Tell us about arriving, the baskets and the first dinner — did you think Karen Huger was being shady towards Charrisse Jackson Jordan on this trip or just being a good host? Who’s the real Grand Dame?

Monique Samuels: From the start, we were told that Charrisse and Karen were planning the trip together so I could not understand why Karen was separating the trip. One minute she would say this trip was for sisterhood and the next minute, she’s “firing” Charrisse from planning. I’ve never seen so much tension between these ladies before. It was as if Karen had it out for Charrisse, and I could not understand why. I think her move from the Potomac is bothering her much more than she even knows.

Were you surprised to see that Gizelle Bryant was the other lady Karen chose to join you sailing? How did that bus ride go?

MS: Yes, I was very surprised and I totally felt set up! I was fine with being cordial with Gizelle for the sake of the group, but I’m completely tired of everyone trying to force a friendship between us. On the bus, we finally had the opportunity to finish the conversation that was interrupted by Charrisse’s tears. I explained to Gizelle that I thought she was just jealous of me, and she went on to say that I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for “my husband’s” bank account. That statement pretty much confirmed what I believed. First of all, what belongs to my husband, belongs to me and vice versa. That’s called marriage. Gizelle seems like the type of person who cannot see past her own experiences. She obviously had a very separated marriage, and therefore thinks all marriages are the same way. She, nor anyone else, can separate my marriage and does not need to worry about OUR bank account. It’s none of her business, and I’m not sure why she’s so obsessed with it! Oh wait…that’s right…she’s looking for a man with a big bank account! I don’t have the time or energy to allow her personal issues to disrupt my spirit. As with my mother-in-law, I can clearly see this is not a “Monique” problem. She has to figure out a way to deal with her deep insecurities and lack of self-esteem. I’ll take the high road on this one and let bygones be bygones.

RHOP S02E10-01RHOP S02E10-02

How do you feel the sailing excursion impacted your relationship with Gizelle?

MS: Karen must’ve done some research! If you want to put me in a very vulnerable state, take me to the middle of the ocean. I was totally fine with not speaking to Gizelle since it was clear we just do not mesh, and here comes Karen with the ultimate set up. My guard was totally let down due to my fear of water. I can swim, but I’m not that great at it. The thought of putting my life in the hands of these two women was even more unnerving. Usually when I’m in the open water, I’m with my husband. I have full confidence in him to save me from drowning! During this excursion, I actually saw a more positive and fun side of Gizelle. I think my nervousness and fear forced her motherly side to come out. I was no longer a threat to her and we finally reached a point of moving forward.

I don’t believe in putting on airs

Gizelle mentioned that you speak as if reading from the Urban Dictionary. What do you think about that comment?

MS: I can’t help that Gizelle is out of touch with the modern world, no more than I can help her count how many letters are in the word “TRICK.” For someone who constantly makes negative comments about my intellect, she needs to check her grammar first. I’ve never claimed to be the most proper person. I don’t believe in putting on airs just because my account has a significant amount of digits. I was raised to never put money on a pedestal. Clearly she does, which is why she’s always so worried about language versus what material items she thinks I have. I graduated at the top of my class (Valedictorian and Salutatorian) and received a full academic scholarship to a very prestigious school, so I have been blessed to be both “book” and “street” smart.

RHOP S02E10-03RHOP S02E10-04

What do you think about what Karen said off camera at the end of the episode? Did you know this happened?

MS: I was totally shocked and disappointed in the comments Karen made about Charrisse. I’m still trying to figure out how she assumed Robyn Dixon coming to her room for a confrontation translated as Charrisse being the one with the issue. There’s something much deeper going on than “host and co-host” confusion. I always thought Charrisse and Karen’s small arguments were funny. However, there was nothing funny about the way she spoke off camera about Charrisse. It’ll be very interesting to see how their relationship recovers from this.

RHOP: A Host of Issues
(S2 EP09)

I Actually Did Gizelle a Favor by Not Inviting Her

Monique Samuels explains daughter Milani’s over-the-top birthday party, and why fellow castmate Gizelle Bryant was not invited.

What were you thinking going into this lunch with Gizelle Bryant? What were you thinking when she “shut you up”?

Monique Samuels: I was thinking, “Here we go wasting my time once again!” But I tried to remain open-minded. It’s hard to deal with people who don’t know the difference between a lie and the truth. She constantly over exaggerates every detail. She tried once again to be demeaning, but this time, God had enough! She choked on her lies. Literally!

RHOP S02E09-1RHOP S02E09-2

What do you say to people who may say this was too much for a one year old’s birthday?

MS: I love to celebrate, especially when it comes to my kids and their major milestones. This was not just Milani’s 1st birthday celebration, but also her christening ceremony. Chris and I have a lot of family and friends so it’s hard to plan our events without including everyone. The more people we have, the higher the cost of the celebration. My children are worth it. In my house growing up, we always celebrated everything, so I do the same for my kids. I’m an over-the-top type of person, so I enjoy taking things to the next level. Even though it’s a child’s party, I always make sure the adults have something to enjoy as well. It was really like two parties all bundled into one! That night following the festivities for the children, I had nannies available so that all of the parents could relax and enjoy themselves as well. The kids can’t always have all of the fun!

A major power struggle was going on and I don’t think Charrisse saw it coming!

What do you think about your dad’s advice to Ashley Darby?

MS: I thought the advice my dad gave to Ashley was right on point with the marital issues she was experiencing. Marriage shouldn’t revolve around constantly fighting with each other. It should be about building something together and being a team so you can fight against the world together. Those who do not understand that will end up divorced. My dad was speaking from experience and hopefully, Ashley will make some changes that will turn her marriage around for the better.

RHOP S02E09-3RHOP S02E09-4

What do you think of Charrisse Jackson Jordan and tension?

MS: I was so confused as to why there was any tension at all. I thought the Bermuda trip was suggested by Charrisse and that both she and Karen would come up with a plan for the entire group. After watching the episode I felt that maybe Karen’s upcoming move may have left a void in her place within Potomac society and now she’s taking it out on Charrisse. A major power struggle was going on and I don’t think Charrisse saw it coming! I was very surprised at the way Karen kept mouthing off towards her at Milani’s party. Either way, I don’t think the two should be trying to plan anything together!

Why didn’t you invite Gizelle? What do you think about her saying she wouldn’t have come to Milani’s party?

MS: Gizelle and I have not meshed by any means, so why would I invite her to a special event of this magnitude? There was no way I would have any negativity at my daughter’s first birthday and christening party. I actually did her a favor by not inviting her, since this particular home was a two hour drive from Potomac. That would have been a long drive home if she got kicked out again! On top of that, my family from New Jersey does not play. The way she conducted herself at my Vienna home was so ratchet and classless. There was no reason for me to allow her demons into my residence, which is my place of relaxation and peace. She can keep her negative energy on the other side of Maryland. I’m sure Gizelle would have come even though she said she wouldn’t because she loves attention and she’s nosey. She keeps wondering what my other homes look like, so I doubt she would have missed the opportunity to try and pick this one apart.

RHOP: War of the Darbys
(S2 EP08)

I Cringed Inside the Entire Time

Bravotv.com: Chris rocking Milani to sleep was SO CUTE, how do you handle all the adorableness?!

Monique Samuels: Thank you!!! I handle it by kissing them all day long! I love my babies. Being a parent is no easy job, but it’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world! Watching these little people who are a complete blend of my husband and I is so surreal. They let you see what type of person you are because all they do is observe and mimic all day long. 

RHOP S02E08-1RHOP S02E08-2

Bravotv.com: What do you think of Karen Huger’s photo shoot? Would you do one for Chris?

MS: I love that Karen finds ways to keep her man smiling. That’s what it’s all about! Keep your marriage fresh and young will make it last forever. I actually have done photo shoots like this WITH my husband in the pictures over the years! While it’s a form of art, it also reminds us of the love we have for each other as we reach certain milestones in life. It’s nice to look back at those sexy shots and see how far we’ve come. One day we’ll be old and wrinkled and can look back at our photos and admire how we’ve physically matured in our marriage. Our bodies will change, beauty will fade, but our love will just get stronger. That’s when you know it’s real.

it’s not easy working with your spouse

Bravotv.com: What is like watching this fight between Ashley Darby and Michael? What do you think about their issues?

MS: I cringed inside the entire time and couldn’t wait for the argument to end. It was very ugly. I’ve always had the mindset to respect my husband, while he, in return, loved me. The way Ashley spoke to Michael was so disturbing to me. There was a time when I was dating my now husband and he expressed to me the importance of respect and being mindful of the way I spoke to him, especially in public. As I watched Ashley and Michael, it made me think of the “young me” and what my husband and I would look and sound like had I not fixed my mouth and delivery during an argument. Ashley seems to be confusing “business” Michael with “husband” Michael. She’s mad that he treats her like a child in business and she wants respect but she forgets that respect is earned. Whether she likes it or not, Michael has been successful in business so she has some proving to do. I’m sure as the restaurant grows and becomes more successful, Michael will recognize that and feel more comfortable about the investment he made. She must also not allow the success or failure of the restaurant determine the outcome of their marriage. Marriage and business are two separate entities. You can put a dollar amount on a business, but not on love and marriage.

RHOP S02E08-3RHOP S02E08-4

Bravotv.com: Did you have any idea that day they had tension?

MS: I could tell there was some tension when Ashley and Michael were giving their welcome speech before we began eating. I couldn’t believe she joked about never going into business with your husband in front of everyone. Ouch! I know based on experience that it’s not easy working with your spouse. However, that’s why it’s so important to establish a cut-off time for “work talk.”

If they can get a better routine in place, they will quickly see that working with your spouse is one of the best situations ever. After all, you married your spouse because he/she is the one you love and trust and has your best interest at heart. Who could possibly be a better business partner than that?

There has to be a cut-off or the lines of business and pleasure will continue to be blurred

Bravotv.com: You seem to understand Ashley’s business/marriage issues, what advice do you have for her? 

MS: My advice to Ashley would be to create office hours. That was the best thing Chris and I did when we started working together over 10 years ago. They should establish times to speak about work and then everything else should be dedicated to the reasons they fell in love with each. There has to be a cut-off or the lines of business and pleasure will continue to be blurred. I would also suggest getting marriage counseling. You don’t have to wait for there to be an issue to seek wise counsel. Just remember that the marriage was in place before the restaurant. The success of the marriage should not be predicated on the restaurant. Michael made a financial investment into this restaurant because it was something Ashley wanted.

RHOP: Over the River and Thru the Woods
(S2 EP07)

Gizelle Bryant Is a Waste of My Time

Monique dishes on that awkward moment when Gizelle wouldn’t give put her number in her phone and why she thinks there’s a double standard in Potomac.

What do you think about Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon’s confrontation with Ashley Darby in OZ?

Monique Samuels: I thought it was pretty out of line for the green-eyed duo to go to Ashley’s place of business to confront her. This double standard is unreal! They were upset with Ashley for her tacky delivery of the “Juan” news (wrong place, wrong time), but yet they decide to deliver their frustrations in front of customers at Ashley’s already struggling restaurant?! I thought the entire confrontation was very childish. Although Ashley was wrong for how she went about telling Robyn of Juan’s supposed extracurricular activities, I’m happy Ashley stood up for herself, even with that big finger in her face!

RHOP S02E07-1RHOP S02E07-2

What do you think about Karen telling Gizelle you called her a trick?

MS: I don’t think anything of it. Karen is her friend so she should have told her! I don’t like to use profanity. My “trick” comment (5 letter word) was used to avoid using another FIVE-letter word that begins with a “B.” She should have told her the entire comment, which was, “She’s acting like a stuck up, trick!”

I’m honored to be his wife. He chose me without any outside pressures and that means the world to me.

Since he never wanted to get married as you explain in the episode – how did Chris propose?

MS: After dating for 4.5 years, Chris proposed to me on New Year’s Day 2011 after we got home from our church’s New Year service. He lit a fire in our side yard fire pit (something we always enjoy doing), poured a glass of wine and told me about a dream he had of us. Then he totally caught me off guard at the end of his story when he got down on one knee (the one he’s had surgery on three times) and said he wants to spend the rest of his life with me! I was totally shocked and caught off guard. I just sat there, mouth dropped and eyes wide opened and then I screamed YES!!! My husband is a person who takes his time to make decisions even about the little things, so for him to take this leap of faith with me, I knew he was ready. Chris is the kind of person who makes commitments and sticks to them. I’m honored to be his wife. He chose me without any outside pressures and that means the world to me.

Tell us about attending the PAVE event and Karen Huger opening up that night on stage.

MS: I was touched as I listened to all of the empowered survivors of sexual abuse speak that night. As a mother, I want to prepare my children as much as possible for any situation they find themselves, so this was another learning moment for me. PAVE offered great tips and I appreciate and admire what their program is about! Kudos to Karen for stepping out there telling her story.

RHOP S02E07-3RHOP S02E07-4

What were you thinking when Gizelle wouldn’t put her number
in your phone?

MS: When Gizzealous wouldn’t put her number in my phone, that was just confirmation that she’s a waste of my time. Clearly she would rather have contention with me than to get on the same page. She must really enjoy her bed of misery. My intention was to exchange numbers and set a meeting so that I could talk about the entire game night situation like grown women. I was then going to apologize to her for calling her out of her name. To have this whole conversation at Karen’s event would have been totally out of line. I did not want to disrespect Karen or the members of the PAVE event who worked so hard to bring this program together, by discussing private matters with Gizelle. I thought it would be best to get her number and speak at a more appropriate time. I figured I would not only apologize for the name calling but also use that time to see if we actually had anything in common. I guess not!

RHOP: Messy Games
(S2 EP06)

Gizelle’s Way Too Old to Be This Clueless!

Monique Samuels responds to Gizelle Bryant’s comments about her.

What do you think about Gizelle talking about your home and earning her own money? 

Monique Samuels: This woman is so money hungry it’s ridiculous. I’ve never met a woman who is so obsessed over my wealth, my homes, and my husband. She seriously needs to get a man! I just think it’s comical that she’s making comments about me and my husband’s bank account, which she knows nothing about, while she’s living off of her EX-HUSBAND at this very moment! Whatever arrangement she had in her previous marriage does not apply to me. She’ll never earn her own money because she clearly has no business sense. She said it herself last week, “They know business, I know beauty.” She’s way too old to be this clueless. Poor thing (no pun intended). I’m glad to be put in the same category as other bosses such as Scarface and the Godfather. Luckily I earn my living honestly, LOL! By the way, I love those movies!

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What do you think about Charrisse and Ashley’s blow up in the store? 

MS: It probably wasn’t a good idea for Charrisse and Ashley to be alone together considering this isn’t the first time Ashley has crossed the lines of other people’s relationships. I could tell that Charrisse was not only bothered by the comments Ashley made about Robyn and Juan, but she also may have still been upset about the way Ashley was pushing to be introduced to Eddie. My advice to Ashley would be to either express concerns one-on-one directly to the person or completely stay out of it. I don’t want to see Charrisse beat her to a pulp NJ style! Ashley, you know I love you girl, but come on!

Out of respect for my husband, I DEAL with my mother-in-law. I DO NOT have to deal with Gizelle

Tell us about your conversation with your pastor and breaking down over Gizelle. Did you realize how upset you were? 

MS: Well, let’s be clear. My emotional moment was a result of my relationship with my mother-in-law and my love for my husband. I get emotional when it comes to family and I’ve always been the “peacemaker.” I have always wanted a big happy family on both sides and it hasn’t been the case, so it breaks my heart. The judgment that Gizzealous displays is just another reminder of my mother-in-law. Out of respect for my husband, I DEAL with my mother-in-law. I DO NOT have to deal with Gizelle. Thank God for that! LOL!

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What do you think about Charrisse and Gizelle’s sit down with Robyn – are they doing right by their friend? 

MS: I thought it was a very mature act of friends offering their advice and support. This was a much better way to express their concern of Robyn and Juan’s relationship and to make sure she is really okay. If you are a real friend, you shouldn’t want them to “mind their business” because technically, you are their business. I didn’t think of this sit down as Charrisse and Gizelle being nosy, but they really wanted to comfort Robyn and gain more understanding of her and Juan’s living arrangement. At times, Robyn says they live together for the sake of the kids and their finances, and then other times she makes it seem as if she is still interested in Juan being more than roommates who co-parent.

RHOP: Kick the Trick Out
(S2 EP05)

The TRICK Had to Go!

Monique Samuels dishes on game night and her decision to kick Gizelle Bryant out of her home.

What did you think of Charrisse’s speech?

Monique Samuels: When Charrisse gave her speech at the networking event, the only thought in my mind was, “Wow, this is really happening.” She said she was dropping one name so, to me, that was her way of solidifying her divorce. I’m always rooting for couples to work things out. This was her way of separating “publicly” and starting fresh as a single woman.

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How do you feel about Robyn and Gizelle’s criticism that you talk too much? 

MS: I thought it was very funny. Any time a conversation involves natural remedies and essential oils, I’ll talk for hours! I guess some people don’t have the brain capacity to have a conversation past, “Hi! You look so nice today!” I’m a socialite, a natural hostess and I enjoy being “social” at social events. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?  I guess when you’re a person who has absolutely nothing to talk about outside of your husband (or lack thereof) and kids, it can be challenging to find other topics to speak openly about. Glad I don’t have that problem!

What were you thinking going into this game night? 

MS: Going into game night, I was excited because the Samuels family knows how to have fun! We love to cook, eat, entertain and especially play cards! I’m opening my home to a new group of women who claim they want to get to know ME so I’m in my comfort zone and ready to show them how Monique gets down. I’ve always been a people pleaser. I love to cater to my guests and make sure they feel at home.

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What were you thinking when you walked in and Gigi said Gizelle and Kal were whispering about you? 

MS: My first thought was, “Well, no one ever whispers compliments.” I wasn’t surprised that they were talking trash. As I said before, she’s a typical jealous, bitter and hateful old woman. She can’t be happy for people unless she feels they are beneath her (hence her girl crush with Robyn). She enjoys bringing up my marriage and tries to separate my husband from me when she speaks in an attempt to make herself feel bigger than me. Bye, girl! It’s not working. When you get married, the two become one. Anything I have is my husband’s and vice versa! That shouldn’t be hard for her to understand being that she is divorced and still living off of her EX-husband! And now she wants to be independent?  Girl, independence begins way before you tie the knot. I see why she’s so bothered by me! I could easily be a trophy and do nothing, but I’m a real woman who has my husband’s back. I don’t have to lie on mine to get what I want.

One thing you won’t ever do is disrespect me in my own home

Tell us about your big blow up with Gizelle – Why did you ask Gizelle to leave?

MS: Clearly, Gizelle had no intention of getting to know me. She just wanted another opportunity to TRY to throw shade and once again she made a fool of herself. I tried really hard to be nice and keep my Jesus, but the TRICK had to go! 3 Strikes and you’re out! Drive 30 minutes back to Potomac. She must think I’m perfect because she’s working overtime trying to find a reason to have an issue with me. If she worked this hard on her makeup line, she would be as big as L’Oreal by now! She called me talkative based on Robyn’s observation and tried to use that as an excuse to talk more trash, but the joke was on her. The entire time I was in the kitchen, I was shoving my face with food. Sorry, boo! You aren’t Robyn and you can’t use that excuse today. She’s way too old for this type of foolishness and should know how to act like a lady in someone else’s home. From the start, I could tell she did not want to be there but I ignored it and kept entertaining my other guests. I even checked on her and Kal in the kitchen to make sure they were cooling off since it was 90 degrees outside and she had a coat on. One thing you won’t ever do is disrespect me in my own home, so I told her to leave.

RHOP: Mother Knows Best
(S2 EP04)

Gizelle, Don’t You Get Tired, Girl?

Monique calls out Gizelle Bryant for her shady comments about her during show interviews.

Did you have any idea Gizelle had an issue with you until Ashley told you what she had said at Preakness? 

Monique Samuels: Nope! She never said or implied anything that gave me the impression she had a problem with me. I just thought she was unfriendly. She could have very easily stated her issues with me during high tea. That’s usually what GROWN women do. I cannot stand fake people! The thought that someone has an issue with me because of my real estate (especially when they’re the ones inquiring) is just plain petty. She didn’t seem to have an issue with the man at Preakness “humbly bragging” about his real estate and how he won 6 million dollars in betting! Can you say DOUBLE STANDARD? It’s like she’s looking and digging really hard for a “reason” to hate me. That’s the best one she could come up with? Well then, I guess I’m making a great first impression! LOL!

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What do you think about Charrisse ignoring Eddie – and Ashley wanting to meet him so badly?

MS: Watching the episode, I didn’t take that as Charrisse ignoring Eddie. I thought she was more so keeping people out of her business while also respecting his space. This whole “Eddie” situation is not a game. This is Charrisse’s real life! I respect the fact that Charrisse and Eddie did not make a scene and were mature enough to not allow their current situation interfere with their daughter’s moment. After all, the night was about Skylar. As for Ashley, as much as I love her, I must say that she should leave that alone. Charrisse has made it clear that her and Eddie are not in a good space, so why would he even want to meet any of her new friends?

She’s basically gained her virginity back!

Were you surprised when Charrisse said she was celibate for two years? What did you think of Charrisse’s therapy session? 

MS: I was definitely surprised when Charrisse said she was celibate for 2 years! She’s basically gained her virginity back! LOL! That’s a long time to go without some good ole married sex! But I understand the place that she is in when it comes to her marriage. I admire her even more for staying focused on her children, rather than jumping on the next you know what! As I watched Charrisse’s therapy session, I literally could not hold back tears! I felt her pain!  Charrisse has been nothing but strong and classy!  She’s dealing with the possibility of divorce, borderline empty nesting, lies about her marriage from her own “friends” and trying to find her new self all at the same time!  She’s a queen and she’s showing us why. You go girl!!!!

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Tell us about your confrontation with Gizelle – were you surprised when Gizelle said you like to talk about yourself? 

MS: I was surprised when Gizelle said I like to talk about myself. CLEARLY, she likes to talk about me more than I do!  She’s really asking for it…begging is probably a better term. She really needs to find something more productive to do with her time. She twists more lines than Twista the rapper! I’ve never met a person who will pick apart every little thing I say just so they can have something to talk about (well… maybe I know at least one other person). I made the statement that my favorite wine, which used to cost $250 (prior to when I would buy it), was now selling for $70-$80 and she totally made that out to be something opposite of my intentions. How many times do we women buy a dress and as soon as we get a compliment, we say, “Girl, it’s a $100 dress but I got it on sale for $40!” Karen was enjoying the wine and I was proud to tell her how much savings I received for a great wine! Gizelle, don’t you get tired girl??? Then when I say “I MET” President Obama (and yes, actually I met him in ALABAMA during the time he was running for president) and once again, in her INTERVIEW (not to my face) she makes comments as if I said I know him on a first-name basis. Girl, BYE! I didn’t like the way she sarcastically said “in Alabama” as if she is too good for the South or thinks she’s better than someone living in the country. Girl, BYE again!

I’m not going to stop being me just because some women are insecure with themselves

Charrisse said that Gizelle had met her match – do you think that’s true?

MS: This is no competition to me. I’ll let the viewers be the judge of whether or not she’s met her match. I’m not going to stop being me just because some women are insecure with themselves. I just know some conversations are not meant for everyone. I have the same confidence now as a married woman that I had when I was single and struggling to find my purpose. I don’t need a bank account to make me. It is clear that some women do. Thank God that’s not me. I know where my blessings come from! I’ll say a prayer for her because God does not like ugly or ugly liars!